Editorial Content Creation

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Editorial strategy

TAM TAM's team of copywriters creates editorial content to address the different targets of companies.

Depending on the communication objectives, we set up editorial strategies for social networks, blogs, newsletters (link to email marketing), website pages but also brochures, presentations or any other type of support that requires written content.

We identify the style and tone of the company and develop a discourse that is clear, concise and coherent.

We help companies increase traffic to their website, inform their customers of a new product or service, and generally improve retention by providing content that appeals to the target audience.

Whatever the industry, we know how to engage their communities by focusing our editorial strategies on :

  • Quality, because well-written, well-researched content is valuable
  • Personalization because the target audience wants to feel understood


SEO Editorial content is one of the strategic elements to improve the visibility and positioning of a website on search engine results pages.

Distributing regular and structured content undeniably contributes to develop the online audience of companies.

We optimize the natural referencing of our clients' websites on search engines according to semantic web standards.

Our editorial work consists in offering our clients more depth, meaning and reason to their content.

Today, it is no longer enough to focus on a specific keyword to improve engagement on websites and get a conversion, whether it is a phone call, an email subscription or a purchase.

To optimize SEO and therefore organic search results for websites, we create content that meets the user's needs, giving the reader more context, using more semantic phrases and synonyms.

By orienting our writing towards the best practices of natural referencing and especially the semantic web, we improve the readability of the content and consequently the engagement with the page. Everything the search engines like!