Our Story

I created TAM TAM, my company, in Luxembourg and Alger in 2008.

After gaining professional experience in multiple transnational companies, a marriage, two children, a first business partnership – which failed – and a 2-day break in the desert of southern Algeria, I gathered up my courage and decided to found TAM TAM. Alone at its helm, but always surrounded by my family, and always supported by my amazing team.

In 2022, life happens and I discover Boston. It's love at first sight; I recognize so many similarities between this great city and my little town of Luxembourg, and, where I don't, I only find enriching differences. I'm tempted to give the American dream a shot, but this time I won't do it alone! I find Béatrice while doing some research, and after meeting her, it has become obvious to me that I have met my business partner! And thus, TAM TAM Agency is born!

Today, TAM TAM is an international and multicultural company, where everyone working there takes responsibility, and where our customer is what counts most to us. We are present in Europe, Africa, and America and all of us work together in order to offer our customers an approach to business that is international and of great quality.

I believe that "it is not the size of its battalions that makes a company good, but rather the concentration of its talent" (Reed Hastings - Netflix). What makes us tick, here, at TAM TAM, is providing effective solutions to our customers through our strong spirit of service. In other words, we get the results that we get because our team is supportive, engaged, empowered, and demanding.

And as an entrepreneur who loves adventures, it is the human one of which I am most proud.

Karine Haddar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer