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The team of consultants at TAM TAM collaborates with organizations to assess their level of digital maturity.

Through our comprehensive audit process, we identify processes that can be optimized through automation. We also evaluate existing systems to determine if they no longer meet the company's evolving needs and require updates.

Our analysis covers the entire spectrum of technological presence across different departments and functions, from support to operations.

Our mission is to prioritize areas for improvement and provide recommendations accordingly. By enabling companies to leverage technology more effectively or efficiently, we aim to enhance their operational efficiency and overall performance.

Technical Strategy

‍In order to assist companies in maximizing the opportunities presented by digitalization, we provide support throughout their technological transition with practical actions and the implementation of tailored tools.

Based on the unique business requirements and aspirations of each company, we conduct thorough research on available tools in the market, analyzing their functionalities, pricing, and scalability.

By comparing and evaluating these tools, we offer precise recommendations on the most suitable choices for the company. In this capacity, we act as a representative mandated by the company to liaise with third-party suppliers, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

Project Ownership Assistance

In a broader scope, we offer comprehensive support to companies in effectively managing the implementation of their technical projects.

Our Project Ownership Assistance services encompass the following areas:

  • Elaborating company specifications and preparing bid solicitations: We assist companies in clearly defining their project requirements and preparing comprehensive bid documents to engage potential service providers.

  • Assistance in the selection of service providers and contract negotiation: We help companies evaluate and select the most suitable service providers for their project. Additionally, we aid in negotiating contracts to ensure favorable terms and conditions.

  • Monitoring works and coordinating different actors: Our team ensures smooth project execution by closely monitoring the progress of works and coordinating the activities of various stakeholders involved.

  • Managing the financial and administrative aspects of the project: We take charge of the financial and administrative aspects, ensuring budget control and proper project documentation.

By availing TAM TAM's consulting services, companies can leverage the expertise and skills of professionals to successfully execute their projects. We guarantee the quality of work, adherence to deadlines, and effective budget management.