DevOps Services

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The DevOps Culture

At TAM TAM, we have a strong commitment to optimizing customer satisfaction and delivering value-added solutions promptly. This commitment is deeply rooted in the DevOps culture.

Following the principles of DevOps, our development and operations teams work collaboratively and synergistically.

Our agency promotes effective communication and knowledge sharing, which enables us to automate processes and enhance efficiency in project delivery.

Embracing the DevOps culture empowers our various teams at TAM TAM to enhance their innovative capabilities. With a shared objective of continuously improving processes, we foster a culture of ongoing enhancement and innovation throughout our organization.

Devops tools

At TAM TAM, we leverage various tools that align with the fundamental principles of DevOps to streamline, accelerate, and automate the different stages of website and app development. Some of the key tools we utilize include:

  • Planning: Jira helps us with efficient project planning, task management, and issue tracking.

  • Code versioning: We rely on GitLab for effective code versioning, collaboration, and continuous integration.

  • Environment virtualization: Docker, Ansible, and Vagrant enable us to create and manage virtualized development environments, making it easier to reproduce and deploy applications consistently across different systems.

  • Testing: We employ PHP Unit for unit testing to ensure code quality and reliability. Behat is used for functional testing, allowing us to automate tests and validate the behavior of applications.

  • Automated deployment: We utilize automated deployment tools to streamline the process of deploying applications, ensuring faster and more consistent deployments.

  • Monitoring: Nagios assists us in monitoring the performance, availability, and health of applications and infrastructure components.

By incorporating these tools into our development processes, we optimize efficiency, improve collaboration, and enhance the overall quality and delivery of our projects.

DevOps practices

At TAM TAM, we adhere to a continuous integration methodology for all our applications, incorporating a multi-version infrastructure that includes testing, development, and pre-production environments.

Continuous integration is a fundamental principle of both DevOps and Agile methodologies. Its purpose is to facilitate seamless collaboration between development and operations teams in the delivery of high-quality code.

As a result, our team of experts at TAM TAM can work on each version of our customer's website, making changes and corrections without impacting the live website.

Our clients actively participate in this continuous integration platform by validating all the updates and changes made to their website before they are deployed to the production environment. This ensures that the implemented changes meet their expectations and align with their business requirements.