Custom Website Development

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Brand showcase

Which company can allow itself not to have an online presence ?

Whether the company is looking for new partners, customers, or employees, a showcase website is one of the essential tools to promote its activity.

This is why we consider the company's website, even if it does not directly sell products and/or services online, as a key element of our clients' marketing strategic approach.

Therefore, we always approach our content website development projects through our marketing expertise so that the technical solution can be commercially innovative and perfectly adapted to the communication objectives.

Functional and design conception

No matter if your web site is not an e-commerce website, it will still bring a strong added value to your visitors. The different functionalities will optimize the customer experience through targeted contact forms, simulation of services, online chat, reservation....

The team of technical experts of TAM TAM offers unique solutions for its customers so that they stand out from their competition.

We also pay special attention to the design of the website.

Our UI/UX design experts aim to provide intuitive and optimal user experiences within a customized graphic design to showcase the company and its products.

Custom CMS Drupal development

TAM TAM's team of experts has a very good knowledge of the Drupal open source CMS.

Drupal is one of the most powerful extensible CMS on the market for content publishing.

Drupal is mainly known for its flexibility since it allows to create all types of sites (even e-commerce sites).

It offers particularly rich native functionalities and also numerous complementary modules that allow a perfect customization during the creation or the redesign of a website.

One of the main advantages of the Drupal CMS is that it offers preventive and correctivecapabilities.

Bug fixes, new features, anticipation of a possible problems... Drupal regularly updates its plugins to maximize the performance of its features.

With the Drupal CMS, we offer our customers security, quality and a great deal of autonomy in the daily management of their website.