E-commerce Development

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Company Specifications

Companies in various industries have come to realize the benefits of offering their customers an online shopping experience, whether they operate in the B2B or B2C sector.

Despite investing in e-commerce solutions, these companies often face challenges such as limited scalability, performance issues, usability problems, and subpar interface design.

When companies decide to upgrade to a more efficient, secure, and technologically sound solution, we thoroughly analyze their business and technical requirements. Our aim is to assist them in creating the right set of specifications for their online sales website.

Fashionable, Functional and Ergonomic Designs

After establishing the objectives a company has for its e-commerce website, TAM TAM's team of professionals takes a systematic approach to design the functional specifications, user experience, and visual appeal.

We carefully craft detailed functional specifications (DFS) to effectively translate our customers' business requirements into a technical solution.

Our UX designers and usability experts then work on creating an exceptional user experience for the website's interface.

Lastly, our UI/web designers focus on developing a unique and captivating visual identity that enhances the aesthetic aspect of our e-commerce solution, setting it apart from the competition.

Front-end and Back-end Development

We build custom solutions using a flexible CMS (such as Drupal, Magento, Oro commerce, Sylius) that can adapt to our customers' evolving business requirements.

In addition, TAM TAM's technical team has the expertise to integrate our solutions with ERP, CRM, or any other open software that has an API.

Our developers are skilled in both Open Source PHP technology and the Symfony framework. They collaborate closely with our customers' technical teams, empowering them with autonomy in managing their e-commerce website.