Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Consultancy

Companies often benefit from an external perspective to unlock their growth potential. TAM TAM's team of experts offers this valuable perspective to optimize marketing strategies and drive long-term growth.

We collaborate with BTB and BTC companies across various industries, immersing ourselves in their different departments and organizational levels to provide thorough analysis. This comprehensive approach enables us to build a holistic view and develop innovative marketing strategies that yield results for our clients. Our working methods involve coordinating with multiple stakeholders within the company.

Our collaboration with clients follows a four-step process:

  • Audit: We assess the client's existing marketing strategy, evaluating its effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Improvement: Based on the audit findings, we pinpoint opportunities for growth and define new objectives that align with the client's business goals.

  • Strategy: We propose a tailored marketing plan that encompasses concrete organizational measures, appropriate tools, and a suitable budget.

  • Execution: Our marketing action plans are customized to meet the unique needs and evolving nature of each client's business. We strive to deeply understand our clients and their industry, ensuring that our strategies are relevant and effective.

By continuously expanding our understanding of our client's businesses, we deliver marketing strategies and plans that drive sustainable growth and create a positive impact.

International Marketing

TAM TAM's international presence, with teams located in Luxembourg, Algiers, and Boston, enables us to effectively support companies in exploring new markets and expanding their global footprint.

Our international expertise provides an advantage to customers focused on their domestic market, as they have the opportunity to leverage the best marketing practices from Europe, North Africa, or North America.

Additionally, TAM TAM is an active member of local and international institutions, including:

  • LACC (Latin American Chamber of Commerce: in New York City: We actively participate in the LACC to connect with Latin American businesses and foster collaboration.

  • FACCNE (French-American Chamber of Commerce, New England: Our membership in FACCNE strengthens our ties with French and American companies in the New England region, fostering networking and business opportunities.

  • eCOM (eCommerce Europe: As a member of eCOM, we engage in the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of e-commerce on a European level.

These affiliations reflect our commitment to staying connected with industry networks, fostering collaboration, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in the global marketplace.


Digital Audit

TAM TAM offers companies a unique blend of marketing and technology expertise to provide them with a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of their online presence.

Our digital audit involves a meticulous verification process that examines various aspects of a company's digital footprint, including websites, social media platforms, mobile applications, online sales channels, and digital marketing campaigns.

The primary objective of a digital audit is to assess the performance and effectiveness of the strategies and tactics employed in achieving the company's marketing and communication objectives. It encompasses several critical factors such as the quality of online content, search engine optimization, user experience, data security, social media management, digital marketing strategy, key performance indicators, and more.

By conducting a digital audit, our team of experts at TAM TAM helps companies gain a comprehensive understanding of their digital positioning compared to their competitors. We identify areas that require improvement and provide tailored recommendations to address any identified issues. Our ultimate aim is to maximize our customers' online impact and help them achieve their business goals.

Through our dual expertise in marketing and technology, we empower companies to optimize their digital presence, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.